Caring for the Environment

We integrate environmental concerns into
our business strategy and practices.


Energising Kowloon East Office
construction project received Platinum
Rating under BEAM Plus version 1.1.


"Go Green"

Environmental certifications

Environmental management is core to SOCAM’s business strategy and practices, particularly in building design and operation, and on-site construction methods. As a major construction company in Hong Kong, we continued to seek ways to further minimise the environmental impact of all our operations, across all disciplines. Shui On has for many years been a first adopter of new methodologies that bring about a measurable improvement in conservation of energy and natural resources, waste management and emissions reduction. 

Environmental Protection
As a key player in Hong Kong's construction industry, our construction division continuously develops and introduces innovative techniques and measures in water quality control, air pollution control, environmental monitoring and other environmental areas. Many of these techniques have subsequently been widely adopted by our peers and become the industry standard.

Below are some of the environmental measures adopted in our construction sites:

Water pollution control
Our wastewater treatment system adopts a flow regulation, settling, sedimentation and final filtration process to treat construction wastewater to an acceptable level before reuse or discharge. Grease traps are used to separate oil/grease from wastewater from canteens. The treated water will then go through the wastewater treatment system for further filtration. This system not only fulfills legal requirements for wastewater treatment, but also allows the treated water to be reused for dust suppression.  

Air quality control
To comply with environmental regulations and to ensure workers' health while carrying out polishing work, our staff have brought their creativity into full play and designed a new device. Simple materials, such as a vacuum cleaner, plastic tube, plastic lid, sponge and spray water bottle, are used to make a dust extraction device that helps reduce dust emission when external walls are being polished. As the dust extraction device can be used on both smooth and irregular surfaces, and is economical and effective in reducing air pollution, it has been accepted by the Environment Protection Department.

Environmental monitoring
DustTrak, a dust monitoring equipment, is maintained at the site entrance to measure the level of respirable suspended particulates (RSP) in order to monitor the dust emission level in the neighborhood. A Sound Level Meter is utilised on the site boundary to monitor noise emission. Energy consumption is also recorded in order to identify key areas for energy conservation.

Carbon Emission Reduction 
SOCAM operates under ISO 14064 certification which sets down principles and requirements for quantifying and reporting GHG emissions. In achieving reduction, we use devices like timer controls and motion sensors for electrical appliances and lighting systems, adoption of LED lighting, and solar power water heater systems.

We have verified our GHG emission since 2013 with satisfactory results. Our annual carbon emissions are much influenced by our on-site project activity over the year. In 2015, our total Co 2 e emission were 68,013 tonnes, which comprises on scope 1 (direct emissions), and scope 2 (indirect emissions) and scope 3 (other indirect emissions). There are some effective directives we can, and have, put in place: 

Regular maintenance of all site equipment to enhance operational performance, energy efficiency and working life span.

Reduction in the number of trips by debris disposal vehicles through implementation of waste management plans.


Refueling with ultra-low sulphur diesel in all plant machinery to reduce pollution.

Shutting down all vehicles and generators when not in immediate use.

Environmental Management
In 1997, SOCAM expanded its "Safety Department" into "Health Safety and Environment Department" in order to carry out environmental protection measures in a more systematic manner. Over the years, SOCAM has developed an "Integrated Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System", to manage all safety and environmental protection issues.

Integrated HSE Management System

Click here to learn more about our HSE policy, organisation and initiatives.

Green Engagement
We encourage all colleagues to ‘think green’ through creative initiatives. These include a series of internal campaigns and activities:

Green office campaigns: a series of promotional display and quiz games are used to encourage support in saving paper and energy in our daily office operations.

Recycling campaigns are organised on a regular basis to collect used paper, glass bottles, used clothes and accessories.


Competition: essay and photo competitions among our employees are held to promote the appreciation and sharing of nature and a green lifestyle.