Shui On Seagull Club

Shui On Seagull Club’s annual charity

Support in relief work to the affected areas
of Lushan earthquake in Sichuan.

Workshops for children with special education

Tai O stilt house restoration.

Shui On Seagull Club, a voluntary social service unit registered with the HKSAR government, was established as early as in 1982 for proactive employees of Shui On to undertake charitable projects to serve the community around them. Activities are organised by the Club's Executive Committee, formed by volunteers from the Shui On Group.

Policy Statement

To encourage Shui On staff to make good use of their leisure time by participating in social service activities.

To expand the social service scope of the Seagull Club, and promote social service consciousness of Shui On staff.


To enhance interpersonal communication and fellowship of Shui On staff through participation in social service activities together.

Activities that address local needs
With support from top management, SOCAM encourages its staff to initiate, organise and execute their own corporate social responsibilities activities in their operational cities, as it is the company’s aim to address local societal needs in the communities it operates in.
Since its establishment, Shui On Seagull Club has been continuously and actively involved in activities organised by different social service associations and volunteer associations in order to help the elderly, the handicapped and underprivileged children. The annual Charity Walk has raised millions of dollars for worthwhile community service in Hong Kong over the years.
In recent years, Shui On Seagull Club seeks to create bonds between low income families in the local community and the elderly who lack family care.
On many occasions, SOCAM staff applied their technical know-how to give back to society. For example, we provided free electrical and mechanical maintenance services to the elderly in Hong Kong. In the Mainland, branches of the Shui On Seagull Club have been set up in different working locations to address the needs of varied communities.