Caring for our People

We place high emphasis on providing
safe working facilities and equipment. 
Family Day to promote workplace safety.
SOCAM promotes work-life balance. 
Aside from being a fair and equitable employer, we place particular emphasis on safeguarding the physical wellbeing of our employees and workers and providing an environment for our people to excel and develop.

Health and Safety
Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and workers is of top priority in our Group. We were accredited with the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 certification and innovated in safety management systems and practices. We set improvement targets at our annual HSE Target Seminar where we learn from the authorities and experts, and work in close collaboration with our subcontractors and mobilise their involvement in the annual Subcontractors' Safety Workshop.

While our earlier initiatives were in providing safe working facilities and equipment and implementing a health and safety management system, we have in recent years pioneered research on workers' safety behaviour in order to devise effective measures for building a safety culture at work.

People Development
We believe that human resources are the most important asset of the Group as well as of the society, and we are committed to providing an environment in which our people can excel and grow and be contributing members of the community.

The Group encourages life-long learning. We provide sponsorships for job-related external courses and seminars and organise inhouse programmes for our staff to gain knowledge and skills to enhance job performance as well as prepare for future development.

To enhance our people's knowledge and skills for excellence at work, we organise inhouse training in construction process and techniques catering for construction works personnel, partnering for the maintenance teams and risk management for senior managers, besides the basic programmes. Management conferences, workshops and retreats also provided intellectual stimulation and team-building opportunity for participating staff.

We have long established structured career development programmes to help young graduates obtain professional / trade qualifications and management knowhow and develop their career with the Group.

For our management and professional staff, we continue to conduct "management development reviews" to identify their individual development needs and potential career moves, so that the Group can plan for succession while the staff can have the maximum opportunity for development.

Employee Wellbeing
The well-being of our employees is vital to the performance and values of the Company. SOCAM is a keen supporter of the Work/Life Balance Week, and seeks to instil its concept year-round. A series of wellness initiatives including healthy fruits and drinks sharing, art jamming, movie appreciation, birthday parties and talks on subjects such as spinal care and healthy massage all help to promote an awareness of personal health.

Regular recreational and volunteer activities serve to encourage our employees to spend their spare time meaningfully beyond the workplace. Our community service leave programme grants leave for staff participating in our community reach-out initiatives to facilitate work/ life balance while contributing to the community.