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SOCAM firmly believes that a healthy and pleasant working environment is essential for the sustainable growth of a company. Safety Committee was set up in as early as 1979, well ahead of other local building contractors. In 2007, SOCAM has expanded its Safety Department into the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Department which is responsible for formulating and implementing Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement and ensures our operations are conducted safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. We commit to providing all necessary resources for effective implementation and continuous improvement in this aspect.

The Company organises a number of activities to promote occupational health, safety and environmental protection, e.g. annual Health Safety and Environmental Target Seminar which sets the coming years' goals and work plans; publication of quarterly safety newsletter to disseminate the latest news on HSE and relevant rules and ordinances; workshop for major sub-contractors to raise their awareness on HSE, etc.

The ultimate aim is to reduce industrial accidents, environmental pollution and nuisances, and generation of construction and demolition materials to the minimum and promote a healthy, pleasant and sustainable environment.

Policy Statement
1.   Considerations for health, safety and the environment, including any impact that the company's operations may have on the general public and on the environment, shall be given the highest priority in matters of design, methods and equipment.

2.   The concern for health, safety and the environment is the responsibility of every employee and sub-contractor of the company.
3.   Through continuous upgrading of standards, the company's ultimate aim is to reduce the number of industrial accidents to the minimum, and provide a healthy and pleasant working environment, and contribute progressively towards environmental protection and conservation.

Throughout the company, all operations are served by the Health Safety and Environment Department, which is responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring, promoting and training of health safety and environment related matters.

Each key operation has its own safety committee:
A.   Shui On Building Contractors Ltd and Shui On Construction Co Ltd
1.   The HSE Steering Committee, chaired by the company head, sets the directions and targets for health safety and environment for the company.
2.   The HSE Management Committee, headed by a director and comprising of project managers, proposes measures and formulates plans for achieving safety targets and improving site safety.

The HSE Coordination Committee, attended by all site supervisors, gets feedback on and supports implementation of safety measures on site.

In addition to the 3-tier committee structure, there is a Site Safety Committee on each site to manage all health safety and environment issues of the site.

B.   Shui On Building Contractors Ltd. - (District Improvement and Maintenance Division) Safety Committee
C.   Pat Davie (PDL) Safety Committee
A myriad of activities and programmes are organised to build a safety culture in the company.
  Annual Health Safety and Environment Target Seminar
  Quarterly safety newsletter
  Workshop for major sub-contractors
  Promotion campaign, e.g. Housekeeping Campaign
  Safety promotion on site
  Safety quiz
  Safety training programmes for workers and staff
Internal Recognition Programme
  Best Safety Site Award
  Best Performing Sub-contractor Award
  Best Safety Innovation Award
  Best Safety Worker Award