Special Situation Projects

Our philosophy in developing special situation projects is based on the distressed property development model characterised by shorter project cycles and less cash-flow requirements than traditional greenfield developments. As a result, this business model allows us to generate stronger cash flow for new project acquisitions and portfolio expansion.

Our focus of this business is primarily on the acquisition of medium-to-large-scale, partially-completed property projects in prime locations in major and secondary cities in the Chinese Mainland. Once acquired, the projects will be upgraded and, upon completion, will either be sold or leased. As of December 2018, our diversified property portfolio spanned across Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou,  Nanjing, Shenyang, Tianjin and Hong Kong.

Here we would like to share with you our track records of turning around special situation projects to high quality properties.



Hong Kong - 93WYS

Nanjing - Scenic Villa

Chengdu - Centropolitan

Tianjin - Veneto

Shenyang - Shenyang Project Phase I

Chongqing - Creative Concepts Center

Guangzhou - Parc Oasis

Shanghai - The Lakeville Regency Tower 18

Guizhou - Zunyi Project (Disposed)

Shenyang - Shenyang Project Phase II (Disposed)

Shanghai - 21st Century Tower (Disposed)

Beijing - Centrium Residence (Disposed)

Tianjin - Wuqing Project Phase II (Disposed)

Guangzhou - Panyu Project (Disposed)

Chongqing - Haomen Building (Disposed)

Chongqing - Qianxinian Building (Disposed)

Qingdao - Central International Plaza (Blocks A and C) (Disposed)

Chengdu - Central Point (Disposed)

Beijing - Fengqiao Villas (Disposed)

Beijing - Huapu Centre (Phase I) (Disposed)

Chongqing - Nanyang Building (Disposed)

Beijing - Shengyuan Centre (Disposed)

Dalian - Xiwang Building (Disposed)