Employee Development

Graduate Engineer Programme
Apprentice Scheme

Seminars and workshops

Team building activities

To cater for the different needs of our employees, we have implemented comprehensive training and development programmes that cover Management Development, Supervisory Development, Personal Development, Total Quality Management, Customer Services Training, Operation Technology Training, Language Training and Computer Training. We encourage and sponsor staff to take external training courses for personal career development. We also send managers overseas for leadership development purposes and updating of latest technologies, work practices and methods.

Career Development Programmes

SOCAM puts great commitment into developing young graduates, and has been running career development programmes designated for different professions: Graduate Engineer Programme for construction engineering graduates; Management Trainee Programme for graduates of general disciplines; Health Safety & Environment Trainee Programme for training up fully competent registered safety officers; and Apprentice Scheme for technical institute graduates in various disciplines. These programmes provide ample on-the-job training opportunities supplemented with a comprehensive training curriculum and are well structured to ensure that training objectives are met.

Graduate Engineer Programme



This four-year programme, centered on a Scheme "A" Training scheme registered under the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, aims to nurture graduate engineers to become project management professionals. Tutors are assigned to provide graduate engineers advice and counsel on a regular basis. Job rotation is a unique feature that gives trainees hands-on experience in various aspects of construction project management. In addition to regular gatherings and site visits, supplementary training through internal seminars, external courses will be arranged to enable graduate engineers meeting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.


Health Safety & Environment Trainee Programme




This three-year programme is designed to train fresh graduates to become registered safety officers. On-the-job training takes place both at site and in the head office under the guidance of tutors or supervisors. Formal safety training courses at institutions are fully sponsored while in-house training courses are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of their jobs.
Apprentice Scheme
  This four-year programme aims at nurturing graduates from vocational training institutes to become front-line supervisors in construction projects. The programme includes carefully planned on-the-job training as well as site visits, in-house gatherings and courses. SOCAM sponsors three-to-four-year part-time courses at vocational training institutes and tutors are assigned to provide apprentices advice and counsel.