SOCAM won the Best Corporate Governance

Disclosure Awards by The Hong Kong

Institute of Certified Public Accountants
for four consecutive years since 2011.




The Company is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance within a sensible framework. We place emphasis on the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, and independence. The Board believes that good corporate governance is essential for sustainable development and growth of the Company, enhancement of its credibility as well as shareholders' value.

Having always been at the forefront in adopting good corporate governance practices, SOCAM has won a number of accolades recognizing our achievements and commitment so far.  We promote best corporate governance through the following examples:

   The Board has set up six Board Committees, namely, the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the Nomination Committee, the Finance Committee, the Investment Committee and the Executive Committee, to oversee particular aspects of the Group's affairs.
   A formal risk management policy has been put in place to ensure the regular identification, evaluation and management of risks faced by the Group. The Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, as Chief Risk Officer, takes the lead in the effective implementation of the risk management policy by all divisions and business units.
   The Business Ethics Policy Statement and Code of Conduct on Business Ethics are set out to guide all directors and employees of the Group.
   The shareholders' communication policy is set out to ensure effective communication between the Company and shareholders by providing equal and timely access to updated information about the Group.