Our Commitment

On top of our fundamental objective of being regarded by our shareholders, customers, and business partners as a high-performance company, we consider it our basic duty to contribute to the wellbeing and growth of our employees, the preservation and enhancement of the environment and the welfare and progress of the community in which we operate.

In 2008, we formulated our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement detailing our commitment in three areas of focus: our people, the environment and the community, collectively termed “Shui On – We Care”.

We aim to cultivate a strong “Shui On – We Care” brand that embodies not only the commitment of the corporate, but also the utility of our people in fulfiling social responsibility.


    Caring for the Community

    • Building a “We Care” culture throughout Shui On
    • Contributing resources to charitable causes and educational initiatives in the community.

    Caring for the Environment

    • Devoting systematic efforts towards the conservation of energy and natural resources
    • Reduction of waste and emissions at both business operation and individual levels.

    Caring for our People

    • Enhancing the level of engagement, health and safety, overall wellness and personal growth of our employees
    • Making Shui On a better place to work.