• Our commitment to integrity, quality, innovation and excellence, and adherence to good corporate governance practices.

Our Values

Much like the fictional seagull character “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” popularised in Richard Bach's novella in 1970, the Shui On Spirit is most approprately characterised by our quest for perfection.

It is the spirit -- the desire to reach out to touch perfection -- that has brought Shui On so far and it is with such a spirit that we will continue to strive for excellence in our field.


Corporate Governance

Governance Framework

The Company is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance within a sensible framework. We place emphasis on the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, and independence.

Awards And Recognitions

With a strong commitment to good corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, quality and safety, SOCAM takes pride in receiving numerous prestigious awards and recognitions throughout the years.

  • Quality Building Award 2020
    • Top Quality Excellence Award - Hong Kong Children’s Hospital 
    • Grand Award of Hong Kong Non-Residential (New Building - Government, Institution of Community) Category - Hong Kong Children’s Hospital 
    • Quality Building Award
  • 19th Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Award
    • Safety Management System Award (Gold Award)
    • 5S Good Housekeeping Best Practices Award (Silver Award)
    • Best Workplace Infection Control Measures Award (Silver Award)
    • Safety Culture Award (Silver Award)
    • OSH Annual Report Award (Bronze Award)
    • Safety Performance Award (Outstanding)
    • Occupational Safety and Health Council
  • Innovative Safety Initiative Award 2020
    • Safety Operational Device (Gold Award - “NB-IoT Safety Alert System”)
    • Health and Welfare (Merit Award - “Together, We Fight the Virus Entrance Gate System”)
    • Hong Kong Construction Association
    • Development Bureau
    • Construction Industry Council
  • International ARC Awards 2020
    • Written Text: Construction & Building (Silver Award)
    • Chairman's/President's Letter: Construction & Building (Honors)
    • Interior Design: Construction & Building - (Honors)
    • MerComm, Inc.
  • Good Employer Charter 2020
    • Signatory of the Good Employer Charter 2020
    • Authorized use of the "Family-friendly Good Employer" Logo
    • Labour Department
  • Good MPF Employer Award 2019-20
    • Good MPF Employer Award 2019-20
    • E-Contribution Award 2019-20
    • Support for MPF Management Award 2019-20
    • Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
  • ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme
    • Super MD 2020-25
    • Employees Retraining Board
  • 2020 Partner Employer Award
    • 2020 Partner Employer Award
    • The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business