Shui On Spirit
Strive for Excellence

Much like the fictional seagull character “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” popularized in the 1970’s novella by Richard Bach, the Shui On Spirit is most appropriately characterised by our quest for perfection.

In Bach’s book, Jonathan the gull was no ordinary bird, but a creature whose existence was decided to perfecting the art of flight, inspiring us to look beyond ourselves to overcome our limitations.

It is the spirit - the desire to reach out to touch perfection - that has brought Shui On so far and it is with such a spirit that we will continue to strive for excellence in our field.

Disclaimer : The Group is not affiliated with Bach or “Jonathan Livington Seagull”, and makes no claim to any rights in and the name or character “Jonathan Livington Seagull”.

Our values

Corporate Mission Statement since 1983

As a member of the Shui On Group, we are guided by the Shui On Group’s Corporate Mission Statement.


At the centre of our corporate culture is a determination to improve and innovate, and to conduct business and staff relationships in a spirit of integrity and fairplay. The long-term success of Shui On is based on the following corporate values.

  • Profit

    To achieve sufficient profit to provide an attractive return to our shareholders and to finance our growth.

  • Customers

    To provide our clients with quality service and products.

  • Our People

    To provide an environment whereby our people can excel, develop and grow with the company.

  • Management Philosophy

    To provide an environment that encourages and rewards merit and team effort.

  • Corporate Culture

    To cultivate a set of shared beliefs on which all our policies and actions are based.

Living the Shui On Culture

We set ambitious goals for ourselves not only as a business enterprise, but also a community of people sharing and living the same ideals.

Our staff handbook illustrates the cornerstones and pillars of Shui On Culture and provides guidance for working at SOCAM.