SOCAM was listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in February 1997. The newly listed company combined the construction business of the Shui On Group, which was the founding business of Shui On since 1971, as well as Shui On’s construction materials operations. SOCAM’s early focus was on Hong Kong.

The Group played a prominent part in Hong Kong’s construction boom which saw a considerable increase in private and public sector works in the late 1990s. Our construction subsidiaries, Shui On Construction and Shui On Building Contractors, stood out among their competitors in public housing construction and in prominent design and-build contracts. The Group’s construction materials division also prospered alongside the construction boom.

By the end of the 1990s, SOCAM had been seeking long term sustainable growth by diversifying our business, hence its early investments in Mainland cement plants, and established Lafarge Shui On Cement to form a new cement leader in the southwest region. SOCAM was also involved in the distressed property market since 2005 with the acquisition of Xiwang Building in Dalian. So far, SOCAM has turned around 22 partially completed projects located in major and secondary cities in Mainland China, many of which have been completed and disposed of.

Lafarge Shui On Cement was disposed in 2016. Today, SOCAM enjoyed a strong position in its construction and property business sectors. Building on our roots in Hong Kong, our construction business continue to play a robust role in the public sector construction and have successfully expanded into maintenance and interior fitting-out works. In Mainland China, SOCAM is taking proactive steps on asset enhancement of our retail properties.

Business Structure