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Latest News

      • Jul, 2023

        The Hong Kong Construction Association held the first Lo Pan Festival in July this year. SOCAM was invited to attend the launch ceremony of the "Luban Festival" and witnessed the kick-off ceremony with the Secretary for Housing and industry members.

      • Jun, 2023

        SOCAM received “Top 10 Contractors Award” at the BCI Asia Awards for the 2nd consecutive year. BCI Asia Award is one of the most influential recognitions in building industry, aiming to commend outstanding contactor’s contributions to the industry.

      • Jun, 2023

        SOCAM held HSE Target Seminar cum workshop on 16 Jun, to advocate a safety culture, and share our journey to building a safer and greener community. Government officials and long-term partners attended to deliver keynote speeches on health and safety, share best practices and exchange dialogues.

      • May, 2023

        SOCAM Director of Corporate Development, Adrian Lo, was invited to attend Undivided Ventures “Building Impact” Event, to exchange views on creating transformative sustainability impact in the built environment.

      • May, 2023

        In line with the "Guidance Notes on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work" launched by the Government, SOCAM had prepared heatstroke prevention equipment for staff working outdoors to reduce the risk of heat stroke.

      • Mar, 2023

        SOCAM has signed an MOU with the Global Institute for Human Rights and Development (GIHRD) to work on youth career planning, helping the younger generation to achieve their full potential. This collaboration is a significant step towards fulfilling SOCAM's sustainability objective. We're thrilled to be teaming up with GIHRD to support our youth and create a better tomorrow for all.

      • Mar, 2023

        To protect the environment and natural habitats, SOCAM fully supported “Earth Hour 2023” organsied by WWF-Hong Kong. To do so, our HK Headquarters and 4 mainland malls’ non-essential lights were switched off for an hour on 25 Mar at 8:30pm.

      • Mar, 2023

        SOCAM joined The Community Chest Sports for Millions 2022/2023 on 18 Mar. Throughout the activities, our colleagues completed group challenge and demonstrated SOCAM’s team spirit!

      • Jan, 2023

        Shui On and CLPe signed a agreement to launch innovative service solutions for energy saving - Hong Kong’ s first Cooling as a Service (CaaS) project to be installed in the Shui On Centre in Wanchai.

      • Sep, 2022

        Shui On Joint Venture won the ’ Best Building Design Project ’ at the 2022 Autodesk Excellence Award, recognizing our best practices in implementing innovative ideas in building design management. The Award presentation was held at the Autodesk University New Orleans.